“Coaching with Claire has been invaluable. Our coaching sessions helped me unlock a new person. Thanks to Claire I am now confident, found my self-worth, have left the destructive self-chatter behind and now walk tall when going for job interviews and when starting new jobs. Who is this new person??? A huge thank you to Claire for unlocking the new me and allowing my new life to unfold with confidence. Seize the moment.”


Claire assisted me with the ability to achieve my overall goal.  Her ability to guide me to achieve – what I initially thought as an overwhelming and difficult task – was brilliant.  She was able to guide me through breaking the overarching task down into bite size and achievable pieces, which then lead to an overall feeling of achievement.


Claire came across approachable, sympathetic and warm.

I feel more confident in moving forward with my issues and will utilise the skills that Claire helped me hone, in the future.”


“I highly recommend Claire. I was a bit lost in my career. Claire was fantastic in helping me to think about what I needed to do for the next steps. I’d been blinkered in what those steps may be but she helped me to refocus and I gained so much more confidence.”


I would like to say a huge “Thank you” to Claire for this coaching experience.  At the outset, my coaching journey was about me as a teacher wanting to gain a better understanding of what coaching is all about, so that I could fulfill my role as a ‘coach’ in school and support other teachers to develop their practice.  The coaching experience with Claire, absolutely allowed me to achieve this part of the goal.  However, the coaching experience gave me so much more on a deeper, personal level that I did not anticipate.  It made me reflect on my own personality and how my insecurities prevent me from believing in my own success and abilities.  Other people seem to see success and talent in me that I do not allow myself to believe or see. I cannot say that I am totally liberated and now see myself in a new light, however what I can say is that, I want to believe in this and maybe I need to begin to; this perhaps needs to be my inner coaching goal for myself. 


Claire, you have been an excellent coach. Your questioning, timing, patience personality all instilled trust between us and made it easy for me to open up and allow the coaching process to happen.  “Thank you” – I truly mean this and I wish you all the success you deserve in this new professional journey.