Curious to find out more about education coaching?

One to one & small group education coaching services are tailored for women in education, employment, career changers or new ventures.

An introduction to education coaching FREE and with no obligation. Discover more about my programs and if they are the right fit for you.

(Discovery series) Creating confidence for women accessing employment/education/training:  

  • Clarity session/What would I like to do?
  • Own your unique brilliance/explore your skills 
  •  Goal setting- exploring career choices & creating a plan for what comes next  

(Explore series) Creating flexible careers for women:

  • Career values and expectations-What do I want to do, what do I do well? 
  • Career confidence- Trusting yourself and finding confidence when planning your career 
  • Career audit- What’s working well and what would you like to change? 
  • Education pathways and essential academic study skills 
  • Goal setting- Creating a career plan for what comes next  

(Enhance skills series) How to design the ideal career that’s a perfect fit for you

  • Skills audit- Tailored study skills for academic success
  • How to overcome fear and overwhelm when returning to education or employment
  • Career progression and promotions
  • Finding balance for yourself and your career

(Mastery series) Be the best expert of yourself:

  • Building networks in your field or industry to support career planning and progression  
  • Habits, routines, and taking care of yourself- Explore when you are most productive, how to maximise your time, set boundaries and stay focussed on your studies, employment plan or career progression
  • Where do I go from here? – Goal setting & future proofing your career, advanced study skills

Accountability calls, practical workshops and follow up sessions

$40 per session/ $150 for a minimum of 4 weeks (groups)


I offer coaching programs both face to face and online which offer masterclasses on a range of topics

Outreach Coaching

Our community based coaching offers FREE and accessible coaching to local communities.  

Offering group-based coaching for women who are keen to explore and find out more about education and career pathways, build confidence and meet other women in a community setting to gain support, learn new skills and have some fun.