Claire Pemberton

I’m passionate in supporting education and personal growth in others and have over 20 years’ experience in successfully coaching, facilitating, and teaching of others to thrive. My aim is to inspire women to recognise their potential and have the confidence to invest in themselves regardless of their background or qualifications.

As a certified professional coach and NLP practitioner my education coaching programs combine my love for education, personal growth and career development using a range Coaching and NLP techniques.

 For as long as I can remember I have wanted to support others to thrive, so although attending further education and undertaking a university degree were daunting and totally out of my comfort zone, I knew they would be life changing experiences for me and my community. Graduating at the age of 22 was a huge milestone as I had grown up believing and being told that higher education and a professional career was not something I should or could aspire to. I became the first in my family to graduate and go on to postgraduate study. Since then, I’ve spent the past 20+ years teaching, training and coaching women aged 16+ to recognise that they have the potential for success. 

I work alongside women to unlock their unique brilliance (it’s always there, you just need the confidence and self-belief to re-discover it), supporting them to uncover their education and/or career passions and maximise their skill sets to boost their confidence to move forward in life. I offer both my professional and personal experiences to support women to thrive. Claire Pemberton Coaching brings together three passions- coaching, education, and community. I’m absolutely thrilled to serve such an inspiring and uplifting community of women. 

I live in Lake Macquarie with my husband Luke and two sons Noah and Charlie. This often feels a million miles away from home in Wigan, Lancashire (in fact it’s a whopping 9,467 miles). Like most families I spin many plates so relaxing by travelling home to the Uk whenever possible to support my family, as well as taking good care of myself are all super important so I can continue do what I love the most- being of service to other women.  I love to share my ideas and strategies around confidence, self-belief and study skills to support women to overcome the barriers they may face in studying in education or seeking out new employment. My programs support women with education and career pathways, including workshops, live events and resources to set you up for success

 I’m super excited to get you know you as you embark on your coaching journey. You’ve got this!

My experience

  • ICF professional Coach & NLP practitioner
  • Career development practitioner
  • Teacher for 20 years- working in adult education, high school and currently with the University of Newcastle.  I’ve worked with women across age ranges, and alongside Aboriginal and Torre Strait Islander students at the Wollotuka Institute
  • Trainer & Facilitator for 13 years working with women in education, healthcare and in private organisations
  • Mentor- Hunter Youth Mentoring Collective